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University positions in International University of Health and Welfare (IUHW), Japan

International University of Health and Welfare (IUHW), Japan, is looking for Senior Lecturers and Assistant Professors in the fields of basic and clinical medicine who are interested in working at IUHW School of Medicine on Narita Campus.

31 faculty members from overseas have joined IUHW so far as the members of the School of Medicine, which has contributed t o enable us to provide the world class medical education. In order to further strengthen the research and educational environment , IUHW would like to recruit additional international faculty members in the School of Medicine.

The IUHW School of Medicine was established in April 2017, and has been pursuing innovative medical education unprecedented in Japan by, for example, accepting 20 outstanding international students each year mainly from Asia , holding classes mostly in English, and making it compulsory for our medical students to participate in clinical training at our partner universities and medical facilities overseas. Many guests from overseas have visited our state of the art educational facilities, including the simulation cent er which is one of the world’s largest with a site area of 5,300 ㎡ . We also drive the construction of a cutting edge research environment by establishing research divisions such as the Institute of Medical Genomics equipped with the next generation sequence r (NovaSeq). Furthermore, the educational and research environment has been enriched even more as the Graduate School of Public Health and the Graduate School of Medicine, newly established in April 2018 , conduct infectious disease research and remote diag nostic imag ing in collaboration with the School of Medicine.

IUHW Narita Hospital with a capacity of 642 beds has just opened near Narita International Airport in March 2 020. With an aspirati on to become a world hub hospital, it has the feature d centers such as International Remote Diagnostic Cente r, which connects with medical institutions located overseas for diagnostic pathology and radiology, and International Research Center for Infectious Diseases.

Application Requirement

1. Field: Within the field of basic and clinical medicine, we are specially looking for candidates in following fields ①~⑥:

① Infectious Disease
② International Medical Cooperation
③ Global Health
④ Genetic Analysis
⑤ Remote Image/Pathologic Diagnosis
⑥ Physiology/Biochemistry
Note: Candidates specializing in fields of basic and clinical medicine other than above ①~⑥ may also apply.

2. Location: IUHW Narita Campus, Chiba, Japan

3. Qualification criteria: 

  1. Teaching experience at an institution of higher education or with history of actual practice in respective fields
  2. Ability to teach and communicate in English
  3. Holding a medical license from the home country would be preferable.
    PT and OT license holders are welcome in the area of rehabilitation.

4. Annual salary:

  • Around 36,000 US dollars* for senior lecturers (includes housing benefits)
  • Around 30,000 US dollars* for assistant professors (includes housing benefits)
    *Calculated at the rate of 100 Japanese yen to the U.S. dollar.

5. Term of contract: 

  • Minimum 1 year and maximum 3 years
    *The term of initial contract will be 1 year.
    *The second-year contract may cover 2 years upon mutual agreement

6. Other condition:

  • The candidate must join our group between April 2021 and March 2022.
    *Starting the position in April is preferable as the Japanese school year starts in April.

Yoshihito Hattori (Mr.)
Director, Department of International Affairs
International University of Health and Welfare (IUHW)
Tel. +81(0)3-3475-5062
E-mail: tokyo-kokusai@iuhw.ac.jp